Graphs Representation Available for Everybody
14.11.2017 09:28
26.11.2017 23:59
Intro to geometry - 2 Available for Everybody
06.11.2017 19:28
14.11.2017 23:59
Intro to geometry - 1 Available for Everybody
30.10.2017 10:48
06.11.2017 23:59
Summer School Programming and Information Technology 2017
Summer School Programming and Information Technology 2017
Results XXX Ukrainian Olympiad in Informatics 2016-2017
Results XXX Ukrainian Olympiad in Informatics 2016-2017
Group in Facebook
Today I decided to open this group https://www.facebook.com/groups/985986314866721. to help everybody in solving programming problems. I am ready to give open competitions at e-olymp lectures for learning programming. I'll try to present competitions and lectures of different levels from novice to advanced.
Fuad Hajiyev is 60! Happy Birthday!
Dear Fuad Bey! The administration of E-Olymp system and all its users congratulate you with your birthday!

We wish you good health, happiness, courage, goodness, longevity, prosperity, plenty of light and joy, and good students!
Зимняя школа - 2016
29 января e-olymp стартует проект "Зимняя школа - 2016"
Disabling the old online judge system
We are pleased to announce the completion of testing of the new online judge system!

We are planning to disable the old online judge on 15th of August 2015 at midnight. It means that compilers Free Pascal, Gnu C ++ 4.7.1, Java 1.8.0, Python 3.4.2 and Visual C # 2010 won't be available after this date. Instead, you can use compilers with Judge prefix.
Online Judge upgrade
We've launched new online judge system in test mode! New system is way much faster, better protected, adopted to high load and more informative. Join testing, try to use compilers which have "Judge" in it's name!
Летняя практика на факультете кибернетики КНУ Шевченко - 2015
Летняя практика с 1 по 17 июля (10-00 - 17-00)
сбор - 1 июля в 10-00 в холле факультета кибернетики КНУ Шевченко
9 витков спиралей
"9 витков спиралей" - старт 12 мая
памяти Присяжнюка Анатолия Васильевича (awpris)