Getting started

System E-Olimp is a system for remote contests and competitions on sports programming. The project was created in within the State Program "Information and communication technologies in education and science 2006-2010 year, Zhytomyr State University named after Ivan Franko.


The system has more than 1500 problems are available for solutions to users. Any registered user can send its decision and the system will check it for 1.3 seconds. Become familiar with conditions of tasks you can on the "Task List". Once you have familiarized themselves with the conditions of the problem you need to write a solution to it in one of the available system programming languages, for the moment the system supports 3 languages and 6 different kopilyatorov: Borland Delphi 7.0, Free Pascal, Gnu C++, Java Developement Kit, Microsoft Visual С++ 6.0, Microsoft Visual C++ 9.0.

Check-making is carried out using a set of tests. For each problem there are several ready-made input, the system turns substitutes each set (test) and checks the output gained from the solution. Once the system is tested solution test results are displayed on the page solutions. If the answer is the solution coincides with the correct test is scored and the user receives a certain amount of balls to his rating.
Error checking

  • Compile Error - This error indicates that when compiling the compiler returned not 0 or the system could not find an executive file. In that case, check that you have selected compiler, compile the solution manual on your computer and check for errors. If you have a solution compiles, and the compiler verification system gives an error, you may use kakueto additional library that is not included in the standard set or excluded in the compiler verification system.
  • Runtime Error - This error means that after the program returned the decision is not a zero code. Usually, this indicates that at run-time error occurred (eg, division by 0). If you see this error again, check the program code, check whether the no memory leaks. Please note that if successful, the program must necessarily return 0 (return 0).
  • Time limit - this error means that the program takes longer than allowed for the problem. In the condition of each task is a point to limit the time. If it runs longer, then the system terminates the program without waiting for an answer.
  • Wrong answer - this means that the response program decisions are not matched with the correct answer. Often, a decision that the program displays the answer in the wrong format. Always carefully look at the format of response in the condition, your program should display a response in the same format. In the end the answer must be one sign of the transfer to a new line \n, exceptions to this rule are listed in a specific task. Leading andtrailing spacesare not allowedto answer, unless otherwiseprovidedin thespecific task.


The main indicator of position in the rating is kolichesktvo problem solving, the more koilchestvo solved problems from the user and the higher its rank (rank is a place in the rating list). Rating is sorted first by the number of solved problems, and users who have the same number of tasks placed on the number of points.

The number of points determined by the number of passed tests, each task gives a certain number of balls for each zaschitany test.


Sometime Site Administration conducts the competition for all its users. Learn about new competition you can visit copetitions.