Робота з рядками

New compiler

You need to convert many old programs for the new version of the compiler. " на "."">To do this, replace "->" on "." everywhere except for the comments. Comments in this programming language begin with the characters "/ /" and continue until the end of the line. Write a program that performs this transformation.


The input file contains from1 to 500lines no longer than50characters from theASCII-code from 32 to 127the text of the program you want to convert.


In the output file converted to bring the program text.

Time limit 1 second
Memory limit 64 MiB
Input example
Test* t = new Test();
t->a = 1;
t->b = 2;
t->go(); // a=1, b=2 -> a=2, b=3
Output example
Test* t = new Test();
t.a = 1;
t.b = 2;
t.go(); // a=1, b=2 -> a=2, b=3