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Programming Principles 1. Week 6. October 7 - 13. PART 2


You want to park the car guests who have come to the party, on the street. According to the rules the cars cannot park:

  1. In front of the private departure;
  2. At the bus stop and less than 10 meters before it;
  3. At the pedestrian crossing, and less than 5 meters before him or after him.

You made plans for the surrounding streets, smashing them into sections the length of 5 meters (this is the minimum length for parking). Land with departure on the plane is denoted by 'D', bus stops - 'B', transitions - 'S', others - '-'. Write a program that for each street will determine the number of parking spaces.


The first line contains the number of streets n (1n100). It is followed by n lines containing street maps, each line has a length of 1 to 50 characters long and consist only of characters 'D', 'B', 'S' and '-'.


For each street plan print the number of parking places.

Time limit 1 second
Memory limit 122.17 MiB
Input example #1
Output example #1