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Sweeping line

Union of segments

Solving the problem from the quiz in mathematics, Vasya received the answer in the form of union of n segments [li, ri] on the number line. However, some of these segments may intersect with each other, that Vasya does not like too much.

Your task is to present Vasya's answer as a union of the minimum number of segments.


The first line contains number n (1n50000). The following n lines contain pairs of integers li and ri (|li|, |ri| ≤ 50000), each pair is on a new line, numbers in pairs are separated from each other by one or more spaces.


On the first line print number m - the number of segments in the desired union. In the next m lines print these segments in the same format as in the input. The list of segments must be sorted in ascending order of the left end.

Time limit 1 second
Memory limit 128 MiB
Input example #1
0 2
4 5
1 3
5 6
Output example #1
0 3
4 6