Segment Tree - Multiple Update

A Simple Task

This task is very simple. Given a string S of length n and q queries each query is on the format i j k which means sort the substring consisting of the characters from i to j in non-decreasing order if k = 1 or in non-increasing order if k = 0.

Output the final string after applying the queries.


The first line will contain two integers n, q (1n105, 0q50000), the length of the string and the number of queries respectively.

Next line contains a string S itself. It contains only lowercase English letters.

Next q lines will contain three integers each i, j, k (1ijn, k = 0 or k = 1).


Output one line, the string S after applying the queries.

Time limit 2 seconds
Memory limit 244.24 MiB
Input example #1
10 5
7 10 0
5 8 1
1 4 0
3 6 0
7 10 1
Output example #1