prb1317Rye. 1878.Landscape has become a classic and software product for both the artist and for art critics of his time. At one of the sketches for the painting II Shishkin made a record that can be regarded as his creative credo: "Expanse, space, rent, rye, grace, Russian wealth".

Lyrical attitude toward domestic nature, glorified I.I. Shishkin, was clearly expressed in verse N.A.Nekrasov:

All rye round, as the steppe alive
Neither locks nor seas nor mountains.
Thank you, dear side,
For your health care space.

It is known that in a group of 23 or more people the probability that two of them have birth date in the same date (day and month), is more than 50%. This fact may be seemed strange because the probability to be born in exact day is negligible, and the probability that two perople were born in exact day even smaller, but this fact is true according to the theory of probability. So this fact is not a paradox in scientific sence because there is no logical contradiction, but the paradox is only in the differences between the intuitive personal perception of the situation and the results of mathematical calculations.

For a given number of people give the probability that two of them were born at the same date of the year. The year contains 365 days.


Each line is a separate test that contains the number of people n (1 < n < 400).


For each value of n in a separate line print the probability that at least two from n people have the same birth date (day and month). Print the probability in persents with 8 digits after the decimal point.

Time limit 1 second
Memory limit 64 MiB
Input example #1
Output example #1
Source Медведев М.Г. - Зимняя школа в Харькове 2009