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Your task is to find a way to calculate a checksum for given text message. The following restrictions must be fulfilled:

  1. The checksum is a two-byte non negative integer.
  2. If we consider the initial text message as a very long binary number (the first byte of the message is treated as the most significant byte of the binary number) and append to it the found two-byte checksum, then a new long binary number leaves a reminder 0 when divided by a given number D.
  3. If several integers satisfy previous condition, the checksum is minimal from such numbers.
  4. Number D equals 34943.


In the input file it is given a non empty text string which contains no more than 1024 ASCII characters.


Output the calculated checksum as two hexadecimal numbers separated by one space. Each hexadecimal number must consists of exactly two digits.

Time limit 0.1 seconds
Memory limit 64 MiB
Input example #1
Hello, World!
Output example #1
68 41