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The nearest points

The nearest points

Anton began to study mathematics at school. His attention was attracted to the new concept of real line. Anton quickly learned how to calculate the distance between two points on this line, to define segments and intervals on it.

Preparing for the tests, Anton encountered the following problem: n points are given on the real line. Find two closest points among them. The distance between two points x and y is defined as |x - y|.

Write a program that helps Anton to solve the problem.


The first line contains the number of points n (2n105). The second line contains n different integers xi - coordinates of the given points on the real line. The numbers in the row are separated by one space. The value of each coordinate xi does not exceed 109 by absolute value.


In the first line you must print the minimum distance between two points, given in the input. In the second line print the numbers of points, which corresponds to the distance found. The points are numbered by integers from 1 to n in the order as they are coming in the input. If there are multiple answers, print any of them.

Time limit 1 second
Memory limit 128 MiB
Input example #1
10 3 6 2 5
Output example #1
2 4
Source 2008 XIX regional school olympiad in informatics, Vologda, Problem D